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Team Toad versus a Sounder of Wild Hogs

Team Toad is Michael Mauldin (AKA "Fuzzy") and Deborah Mauldin (AKA "Debbie"), our kids, our friends, and various honorary members. We're known mainly for our robots and Jeeping. In May of 2020, our ranch was invaded by a sounder of nine wild hogs: a boar, two sows, and six piglets.

After we discovered we had eight hogs, we ruled out shooting them one-by-one, and instead decided to build a hog trap with a remote-controlled door.

Completed Hog Trap

As of today, we've captured and dispatched the two sows and six babies. The boar remains at large, and we're actively placing game cameras and infrared lights to try to locate him on our surveillance camera.

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