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Team Toad Jeeping: Toad Rover and Toad Pod™

Team Toad is Michael Mauldin (AKA "Fuzzy") and Deborah Mauldin (AKA "Debbie"), our kids, our friends, and various honorary members. Although we're known mainly for our robots, we've gotten into expedition Jeeping since 2013.

The main purpose of our expeditions is photography, including landscapes, sky photos, night sky, and of course Jeep pictures. As I like to say:

My Jeep is my best zoom lens.

Looking West at sunrise from Candlestick Camp in Canyonlands on the White Rim Trail (2013)

My Jeep allows me to get deep into the backcountry where the scenery is amazing, the crowds are non-existant, and the night sky is very dark. I take a lot of camera gear with me, so I pull an expedition-trailer behind the Jeep.

From 2013 to 2014 I used an AT Overland Chaser Tent Trailer, and I highly recommend AT Overland Equipment for both their products and their service.

In 2015 I rebuilt my tent trailer into a camper I call the Toad Pod™. The Toad Pod has been on three expeditions so far, but is not quite finished yet. We have additional web pages for each; clink on one of these images:

The Toad Rover

The Toad Pod

The Toad Chaser Tent Trailer

You can see where we've been, where we are now, and read our reviews.

Toad Travel Log

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