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Team Toad: July 2014 Dollhouse, the Maze Trip

Updated Friday, 2014-10-10

Right now I'm sitting in a Comfort Inn in Green River, Utah (nice hotel, by the way). I stopped here to clean up, rest up, and get Internet access.

Hite Crossing: the dog's name is "Mika", and her owner runs the convenience store at Hite Crossing. She complained she could never get a picture of Mika because she is too dark. I used my Lightroom skills to bring out the shadows, so if you see Mika's owner at Hite, please tell her where she can find this web page so she can get the picture.

Crossing the Colorado River in Glen Canyon

Jeeping on Teapot Road

Island in the Sky seen from the Land of Standing Rocks

Camping in the Dollhouse, Camp 1

An intrepid group of hikers who floated across the Colorado from Elephant Hill in the Needles District.

Hiking down the Spanish Bottom Trail to the Colorado River

Rocks by Moonlight

The Lunar Eclipse

The Dollhouse by Moonlight

Clouds over the Maze

A Well-Sorted Tacoma Overland rig (the owners were cycling up to the Dollhouse as I was driving out)

Distance from Dollhouse 1 to the Park entrance by Highway 95: 50.9 miles

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