Pirate Week Album

Debbie and Fuzzy travel to the Cayman Islands every October to celebrate the end of Hurricane season and the beginning of the tourist season. This week long celebration is known as Pirate Week.

The premier activity is the the landing: the invasion of Hog Sty Bay in Georgetown, Grand Cayman, by a band of costumed pirates (most especially the Seattle Seafair Pirates).

Another fun thing to do is watch the turtle release where farm-grown Hawksbill turtles like Fred, seen at left, are released into the wild.

Fuzzy and Debbie have been making the trek since 1998. This album shows some of their photos.



Pirate Week 1998

Their first trip to Pirate's Week was rained out by Hurricane Mitch ,

but even so, Fuzzy & Debbie got engaged in full pirate costumes

They were also married in the Caymans in February of 2000.


Pirate Week 1999

The next year, the weather cooperated and we had a great time. Debbie looked spectacular

as a Pirate wench , and both made a splendid pirate pair .


Pirate Week 2000

For the millenial pirate week, Fuzzy and Debbie posed by the Georgetown cannon .

The landing of the Pirate Ship was made even more spectacular by exploding treasure .

We had such a good time that Debbie didn't want to leave,

but Fuzzy the Big Bad Pirate dragged her back to the plane, anyway.

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