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Welcome to the Robot Club and Grille, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Due to lack of dining patrons during non-event days, we have closed the restaurant. To those who had enjoyed our menu, we thank you for your custom.

We are now in the process of moving everything to storage; the two larger arenas have been donated to the NERC (the 24' square) and the RSA (the 16'). The Robot Museum is in storage, looking for a new home.

Metal May-Hem: Schedule

We had our last event on May 24th 2003, Metal May-Hem. Thanks to all our volunteers (builders and staff), we had a very smooth event.

The fight results are in the RCG305 Fight List.

Final rankings for all weight classes are in the rankings page.

Our last event, the April Annihilator, was our "Going out of Business Sale". We had 83 robots from 15 different states fight to the death over two days in our bulletproof combat arena.

We will try to have a competition over Memorial Day weekend, May 24th...the registration page is available now.

We are looking for inexpensive warehouse space southeast of Pittsburgh to hold occasional events. We are looking for approximately 3,000 to 5,000 feet of space with an 11 foot or higher ceiling. We also have a nearly-new commercial kitchenfull of equipment for sale. Serious offers and inquiries to botclub@lazytoad.com

Watch this page for news concerning our next event facility.

Our on-line store will remain open, selling videos, DVDs, tshirts and mugs.




Take an on-line tour of the Robot Club & Grille, courtesy of Team KISS.

Check out the article about William Gurstelle's new book Building Bots in USA Today, and see a two minute video about the Grand Opening of the Robot Club in USA Today Television.

The Robot Club & Grille: The best meal you've ever had behind bullet-proof glass!

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