Team Toad: San Francisco Nov 2001

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5-Nov-2001: Arrival

Okay, we've arrived, the bots are uncrated and ready for safety inspection, and we've even gotten one good night's sleep. Updates will be sparse, since we have only four crew members (Fuzzy, Debbie, Jacey & Kelsey).


It's almost Robot Fighting Time!

13-Nov-2001: Family Tree

The greatest part of BattleBots is that it's a big family reunion. It's great to see old friends and meet new ones. One opportunity we got was a Mini-Mauler family four generation photo op:


Mini-Mauler hadn't seen his dad Mauler and his grandfather Morgan since iHXRC in Chicago, and this was his first chance to meet his great-grandfathers SC Tilford and Mike Winter.

24-Nov-2001: Pit Photos

Mechadon   Ronin   Towering Inferno  

Wyachi   Chiabot   Probe  

Knee Breaker   Silverback   Psychotron  


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