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After a 16 year absence, Team Toad is back on BattleBots with Hypothermia.



At BattleBots 2018, Hypothermia went 1-3, being knocked out one time.

loss by KO
We almost got a chance to show off the lifter. One the first rush, Hypothermia grabbed Whiplash and took him to the wall. But the new "10 second grappling rule" meant that the refereee told me "you'll have to let him go" before I got a chance to try to extend the legs.

Hindsight is 20-20, and I should've just ignored the ref and gone for the lift.

That was my last chance against driver Matthew Vasquez. He was faster and less than halfway through the fight he got a direct hit on one of my tires. With only one wheel, we had no chance, and got counted out.
loss by unanimous decision
We've previously beaten Touro Maximus, the 220 pound version of Minotaur, by using the lifting wedge on to stick the opponent on the wall.

Daniel Freitas knows this trick, and was careful to keep the rpm on the weapon drum low enough that we could not out turn and get under Minotaur.

The fight went the full 3 minutes, and Hypothermia worked the whole time, but the fight was all Minotaur's.
loss by unanimous decision
With a record of 0-2, we decided to enter the "Desperado Tournament", a rapid-fire single-elimination tournament of eight robots. The winner would receive a giant bolt trophy, and a guaranteed spot in the tournament of 16 and a chance to fight for the giant nut.

Our first opponent was Valkyrie, a vicous under-cutter with a large diameter steel blade. After a few spark-filled contacts early, Valkyrie got a good hit on the front of Hypothermia, disabling our clamping weapons and lifter, but breaking their own spinner in the process.

This hit also loosened one of the wheels on Hypothermia, which wobbled precariously, but kept working. For the last half of the fight Valkyrie avoided being pushed into the killsaws by Hypothermia, but Hypothermia was unable to inflict any damage to Valkyrie beyond what they sustained when they his us.

The result was a unanimous decision for Valkyrie, and we were out of the Desperado.
Four Horsemen
Four Horsemen
win by split decision
We actually only fought three Horsemen, because they couldn't get four of their minibots to make the 250 pound weight limit.

We very nearly lost this fight because we couldn't get our active weapon (the lifter) to do anything, since we were never able to grab one of these slippery little robots.

We did enough damage to the two larger spinners, War and Famine, but we could never do anything about the little wedge "Butter Cup", one of the most annoying robots in BattleBots.

When the buzzer sounded, we were stuck on top of Butter Cup, and smoke was rising from the pair, but we couldn't tell who was actually generating the smoke.

We won in a split decision, and were told we lost points for "over-wedging".


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