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We use a lot of NPC 60522 motors from National Power Chair.



Here's what we do here at the Lazy Toad ranch to get these motors ready for use.

First, we remove the hand brake using a 1/8" punch and a ball peen hammer

Next we remove the electromagnetic brake from the back. Using a small phillips head screwdriver, remove the can cover on the back of the motor.

Using an allen wrench, remove the 2 or 4 screws holding the brake to the motor. Save one of these screws to attach a ground wire for noise suppresion, later.


Finally, the big hex nut on the motor shaft can be removed with a smaller allen wrench.

Finally, we attach small capacitors across the motor leads, and from each lead to the grounding screw we saved when we removed the brake.

These steps drop the weight from 15 pounds down to 13.25.

We've measured the stall current at 100 amps at 34 volts.  

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