Mike & Debbie's Eclipse Tour 2001: Botswana

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Our next camp was Little Vumbura in Botswana. This was a very different place from Makalolo. Instead of the Kalahari desert, we were in the flood plain of the Okavango Delta. It turns out the last 3 years have had very wet rainy seasons, meaning the water was very high.

We got our first clue when we stared down a water soaked road and asked, "do we have to drive down that road?" Indeed, but the Land Rovers handled the 2-3 foot water with no trouble.

Then to get to the camp, we parked the trucks in the water and got into speed boats to get to the dock at the camp. Here we had three kinds of game drives: by land rover, speed boat, and in the Mokoro canoes.

Okavango Delta    Wet road    Dock

Giraffes    Sable    Cheetah    Brothers

Mokoro canoes    Lioness hunting    White face ducks

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