Mike & Debbie's Eclipse Tour 2001: Cairo

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After London, we stopped in Cairo to see the pyramids. There was no way we were going to go all the way to Africa and not miss out on a chance to explore the tombs of the Pharoahs.

We saw the light show at the Temple of the Sphinx, and one of the Sphinx's lines from the dialog really stuck home, "No man from Alexandar to Cleopatra to Napolean has not seen me and not stood in awe." The sense of antiquity and greatness was overwhelming.

Later, at the Eqyptian Museum, we went to the "Mummy Room" (where, sadly, cameras were note allowed). There we saw the mummy of Rameses II, the Pharoah who battled with Moses. It was mind-blowing to stare into the actual face of a major character from the Bible.

Step pyramid    The Old Market    Mena House

In the tomb of Mycerinus    Sphinx thinking

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