Team Toad Med 2004: Herculaneum
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The highlight of our trip was an afternoon tour to Herculaneum, a Roman town dedicated to Hercules. The town was struck by an earthquake in 65 AD that levelled it. Instead of heeding the warning, the town spent 17 years rebuilding, only to be destroyed by a 60 foot tall mudslide from the eruption of Mount Vesivius in 79 AD.

Neither Jacey nor Kelsey wanted to take another bus tour after our 10 hour trip to Rome, so Fuzzy, Debbie and Dan loaded up with cameras and headed off.

Our tour guide Enzo took us on a two hour walking tour through a first century vacation town, but he really took us back two millenia to the lives of these Romans.

It was certainly eerie walking back from the town to the tour bus, with Mount Vesuvius looming in the backgroun.

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